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Double Glazing Price Guide

Double Glazing Price Guide

Double Glazing Prices

Not sure how much you should be paying for new and replacement double glazing windows? Our price guide is here to give you an estimate of national average prices and double glazing costs. These prices may vary from area to area and are subject to changes, the glazing cost guide is designed to give you a rough idea of how much you should expect to pay for double glazing windows.

The cheapest price doesn't always mean you are the best deal, choosing the right supplier takes time and diligence, compare the services on offer, check for reliable references and ensure you have a written form of protection in your contract. Selecting a window supplier based on price alone can be a costly mistake and mean you pay much more in the long run.

How much should you pay for double glazing?

Most people who are looking to buy new uPVC windows or double glazing have no idea on how much they should be paying or expect to be quoted. Some people are pleasantly surprised at the price of uPVC windows whilst others grossly underestimate the cost of replacing windows, this guide will help give you a rough idea of costs before you request quotes from suppliers.


The cost of double glazing listed below is an estimate and may vary from area to area.

Casement uPVC Window Prices

Window Size Est. Cost
600mm x 900mm casement window cost £250 - £340
600mm x 1200mm casement window cost £265 - £365
1200mm x 1200mm casement window cost £355 - £425
1200mm x 1800mm casement window cost £470 - £610

Sash uPVC Window Prices

Window Size Est. Cost
600mm x 900mm sash window cost £470 - £700
1200mm x 1200mm sash window cost £590 - £880
1100mm x 1300mm sash window cost £620 - £900
1000mm x 1500mm sash window cost £700 - £1000

uPVC Door Prices

Door Size Est. Cost
900mm x 2100mm upvc door cost £750 - £1200

Additional Costs/Extras

Multi Storey Buildings

The vast majority of installers will not charge any extra for ground and first floor window installation. For second floor and higher installations the price can increase anywhere from 15% plus, specialist glazing suppliers may be requires for buildings with more than 3 stories.

Coloured, Wood and Photo Effect uPVC frames

Standard white uPVC frames are the cheapest and most cost effective option, if you would like coloured, wood effect uPVC or photo effect uPVC frames then the cost can range from an additional 10-20%.

Solid Wood Frames/Aluminium Frames

uPVC frames are the lowest cost option, if you would like something more modern or traditional then solid wood frames or aluminium frames will be the option for you, you can expect the cost to be around 35-55% higher than standard uPVC.

Energy efficient A-Rated glass

If you are having new windows installed the current minimum standard of energy efficient glass according to building regulations in England and Wales is C-Rated glass. If you opt for A-Rated glass you can expect an increase of 10-20%.