Double Glazing

If you are thinking of buying or renewing double glazing then there are some factors to consider, firstly you should be aware of the different options available on the market, read up on the law surrounding double glazing sales and be aware of some general do's and dont's when buying double glazing. Building regulations now require all newly installed double glazing is at minimum C-Rated. The Window Energy Rating (WER) system has been put in place to help consumers identify the potential energy saving and efficiency between different types of glazing, with A-Rated being the best and G-Rated the worst. In short the expected savings on your energy bills could be up-to 7% between each band; A, B, C. So installing A-Rated windows instead of C-Rated could result in potential savings of up-to 14%.

Double glazing consists of two panes of glass separated by gas/air (usually argon gas) to provide insulation and noise reduction which may help save on energy bills. The benefits of new double glazed windows are numerous and can produce a reasonable return on investment, well fitted Double glazing significantly reduces heat loss compared to single glazing and helps increase the security of your home.

Quotes for your Bedroom
Quotes for your Bedroom
Quotes for your Bedroom


Time for a new conservatory? Look no further, if you would like to buy a new conservatory or upgrade your existing glass or frames then we can help.

How not to get ripped off!

  • Get a minimum of 2-3 quotes
  • Check for reviews on each of the suppliers
  • Ask for references from local jobs
  • Ask to see company registration and insurance documents
  • Check if they are registered with an ombudsman scheme

Window Replacement

Replacing your double glazing windows is easier than ever, but with a huge range of choices available on the market it is easy to become confused. Replacement windows can help reduce your energy bills, keep your house warmer in the winter and reduce noise pollution from traffic and roads.

The cost of replacing your windows may take several years to recoup in savings on energy bills but it is something that you should consider, especially if your current windows are single glazed. Not only will your home be better insulated, replacement windows provide added comfort and security.

uPVC Windows

uPVC (Un-Plasticized PolyVinyl Chloride) is a hard wearing and low maintenance material extensively used in the construction of double glazing window frames, it is the material of choice known for its strength, durability and the wide range of finishes including white, coloured and photo effect wood finishes.

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We help you find the best price on double and triple glazed uPVC Windows..

Triple Glazed Windows

In recent years more and more people are installing triple glazing rather than the standard double glazed windows, triple glazing is made up of 3 panes of glass filled with krypton gas rather than the standard 2 panes filled with argon gas in regular double glazing. In a climate like the UK triple glazing does not make a huge amount of difference in terms of energy saving, in-fact with current prices it is debatable as whether triple glazed widows can bring any return on investment. Triple glazing improves sound proofing and can be a solutions for people that suffer condensation with regular double glazing.